Online WHS Systems Webinars

Online WHS Webinars

As a complimentary service to all clients, we offer monthly webinars.

These webinars form a annual review program covering off the major areas you need to be compliant to safety legislation and how you do this using Online WHS.

Each month Phil explains a different aspect of safety. Our clients use this as an opportunity to review the practices in place for the topic and then use the remainder of the month to implement any changes required.

It’s a great way of breaking down safety into manageable (time-bound) tasks and we encourage all clients to book in for these webinars (which can be done via the form to the right).

Webinar Dates and Topics 2023

(Each webinar is at 2pm unless otherwise stated)

January 17th*

Plant and Equipment Management

February 21st

Chemical Management

March 21st

Policies and Procedure Management (Date Moved)

April 18th

Incident Management

May 16th

Worker Management – Positions, Training and Qualifications

June 20th

Checklists and Record Keeping

July 18th

Risk, Quality & Environmental Management

August 15th

Continual improvement via Audits and Consultation

September 19th

Your responsibilities in providing a safe workplace and how you use the Online WHS System to do so.

October 17th

Emergency Scenarios and Emergency Procedures

November 14th

Hazard Management

December 19th**

Safe Work Method Statements, Activities and Procedures

* We moved the January webinar back due to a large number of clients being away

** We’ve moved the December webinar so it’s not too close to Christmas