Online WHS Short Course

*NOTICE: Due to Covid-19, we have stopped doing short courses.  If you require training, please contact 1800 020 389.

Join us for a training program specifically designed for System Administrators and Managers. This Short Course is a step by step, hands-on instructional program that gives you:

  • Greater practical knowledge of the System
  • Strong insight into the System’s modules and how they connect
  • Ability to enhance the use of the System’s features e.g. checklist builder, meeting register, induction builder, automatic alerts etc.
  • An opportunity to update the System data in a live training session.

Sydney Course Dates – 10:00am – 3:00pm

Course Venue: Global Safety Systems Office, 3.04, 5 Celebration Dr, Bella Vista NSW 2153

Course Fees


What to Bring

A laptop that connects to WiFi.

Course Topics

We will make every effort to cover anything and everything you need. These are the topics that form the core of the program.

  1. Site Icon Page
  2. Entering An Employee
  3. Entering A Contractor
  4. Setting Alerts
  5. Adding An Incident
  6. Adding A Hazard
  7. Entering Plant & Equipment
  8. Building and Undertaking Checklists
  9. Building and Undertaking Audits
  10. Meetings
  11. Return to Work
  12. Online E-Learning including Building an Induction
  13. Maintenance Manager
  14. Help & Support

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