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Becoming an Agent Promoting Online WHS Systems

If you are a WHS/HR/Business Professional, becoming an Agent is a fantastic opportunity to increase your income and build your consultancy business. We have partnered with WHS/HR/Business Professionals all across Australia to help their clients better manage their WHS commitments. What we’ve found so far:

1. Having a point of difference (e.g. using an online system) increases your chances of acquiring a customer by up to 80%!

  • Agents are using our system as a tool for acquiring larger clients that previously they wouldn’t have approached.
  • Agents are using our services/presentations/support to get their clients over the line.
  • Agents are solely selling our system to “get in” with a client before offering them consulting, whereas a direct consulting approach failed in the past.
  • We provide marketing material for agents to use in the acquisition of new clientele.

2. Offering Online WHS Systems to clients actually increases the consultancy from clients!

  • As a result of setting up clients in the system, there is a process Agents go through to identify additional consulting.
  • When something needs attention, the client is alerted – which may require the services of the Agent. Alternatively, the system can be set up to escalate tasks to the agent.
  • Some agents charge out a monthly fee to manage tasks via the system remotely.
  • The agent performs a quick Audit of the System prior to renewal each year, which typically lead to further consulting.
  • We’re developing an administration back end that will automatically escalate and identify issues to the Agent.

3. Clients using our system have a higher chance of retention!

  • Clients have said – a paper-based system that sits on a shelf is perceived as a burden and a waste of time, whereas they get excited about our system. (They get even more excited when we tell them they can use our system to bring on-line their paper-based WHS system.)
  • Existing Agents have told us:
    • Our system motivates Clients to get excited about WHS, which makes them easier and more pleasurable to deal with. (Whereas trying to get an unmotivated client to implement a WHS strategy is an uphill battle).
    • They are able to provide a better service to their customers using our system, and because they offer multiple services (software and consulting) it’s harder for the client to move Agent
    • Due to our systems multiple checkpoints (and the fact you can log in remotely) their services are more front of mind, and therefore the clients are more likely to remain paying clients.


Agent/Commission Structure

There are two agent/commission structures:

1. The Full Agent Model

This is where you:

  1. Promote and market the system
  2. Undertake the sales presentation
  3. Send us the completed registration form and starter kit
  4. Service the client

Full Sale Commissions
– 25% Commission for the first year, 15% for the second year and 10% for the third year as long as the client is serviced
– 5% for renewals after year three ongoing for years 4-10
– 100% of consultancy which you generate through this relationship – including initial audit

2. The Lead Agent Model

This is where you provide the lead and we close the sale and we obtain the registration form from the client. Leads are to be provided via email to and must have:

  1. The leads full name
  2. Company details
  3. Contact number
  4. Contact email

Please note you MUST have had contact with this client and introduced the system to them and the client agrees to a sales presentation from Global Safety Systems.

Lead Sale Commissions
– 12.5% one-off commission payment if the lead converts into a sale
– 100% of consultancy which you generate through this relationship

Please note an association/franchise is under a completely different commission scale.

Become an Agent for Online WHS