Online WHS Systems Videos


Video guide on managing various areas of safety with Online WHS Systems

Introduction to Online WHS Systems

This video is Founder and Director Phil Bamford being interviewed by Adam Drummond from Wagga Wagga TV providing an introduction to Online WHS Systems.

Online WHS Systems – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Online WHS Systems can help you easily help manage COVID-19 (coronavirus) for your business. Watch our short video on how having a system such as Online WHS can help manage your duty of care relating to COVID-19.

Major Features of Online WHS Systems

In this video Founder and Director of Global Safety Systems is being interviewed by Adam Drummond of Wagga Wagga TV on the major features of the system. Online WHS Systems will make managing safety so easy and also extremely cost-effective.

Online WHS Systems – Mobile and QR Codes

The biggest barrier to effectively implementing safety into an organisation is the accessibility and ease of use. In this interview, Phil Bamford discusses with Adam Drummond from Wagga Wagga TV how Online WHS Systems addresses this issue.

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