Can my company pass ISO 9001 and Australian Standard 4801 accreditation using Online WHS Systems?

Online WHS Systems has been designed to not only meet but surpass the requirements for Occupational/Workplace Health and Safety Management Systems, Australian Standard 4801 and ISO 9001.


Does Online WHS Systems come with pre-loaded safety documents?

Online WHS Systems comes pre-loaded with over 60 policies, procedures, checklists, forms and inductions.

The policies, procedures, checklists and forms come from HR Advanced and are backed by Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors so you can be sure the documents are both compliant with the latest legislation and legally sound.

We upload the latest documents into new systems as they come through. We let our clients know about the updates through our monthly newsletter.


How much does the system cost?

The cost of the system depends on the number of employees, contractors and volunteers involved with your business. Any changes to these numbers will result in an increase or decrease in the system price. You can view our pricing calculator here.


What are the terms of payment?

You can choose to pay a monthly or annual subscription. Monthly payments will incur a 10% price increase to cover transaction handling fees. All monthly transactions will be directly debited via Ezidebit. The contract period for the initial monthly sign-up is 12 months.


What is the signing up process?

After the initial Zoom meeting, we will send you a system registration form to complete and send back. Once we receive this we will send you an invoice for the system and a Starter Kit – which is a 16 tab excel document. It’s a quick and easy way to get your system up and running.

Once you provide this to us, we upload your data into the system and send you the login details within 36 hours. Please note we only release the system once payment has hit our account.

We will then organise an initial online meeting to assist you/get you going.


Can more than one person use the system at a time?

Yes. You can have as many users as you like logged into the system at any one time.


Can I use Online WHS Systems anywhere?

Online WHS is a cloud-based system and so may be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. An offline feature will be available when the mobile app is released in early 2021.


Where is my data stored and is it secure?

Location: Sydney, Australia

Our hosting provider was founded on the understanding Australia required a world-class web hosting facility specifically designed to meet the needs of business owners. All data is hosted on advanced web hosting infrastructure typically designed for multi-million dollar websites, but made available in a VPS Cloud environment.

World Class Data Centre

Online WHS Systems meet the Commonwealth ICT security requirements. Online WHS is on an ISO 27001 accredited Australian Tier III data centre with managed service solution provider Veeps. Veeps is an “All of Government” hosting provider, servicing brands such as Telstra, Commsec, Macquarie Bank, National Gallery, Victoria Police, Magellan Group, Hyundai, TAFE QLD, Chartered Accountants AU and NZ, Charles Sturt, Monash and Federation Universities.

Veeps monitors and assesses the performance, security, backups, disaster recovery and monitoring of the system to “A” grade standard.

Online WHS has:

  • 99.5% service level for site availability
  • Daily backups of key configuration files, website code and databases
  • Daily offsite backup to alternate Australian Data Centre
  • 24/7 Monitoring of key system metrics such as CPU usage, system load, memory and disk utilisation.
  • SSL implementation management and renewal

All services and data are held in Australia for Australian clients.


Hosting Costs

All hosting costs are included in the annual licensing fees.


What are my obligations to WHS?

Safety legislation states that:

A Person Conducting a Business Undertaking must meet its obligations, so far as is reasonably practicable, to provide a safe and healthy workplace for workers or other persons by ensuring:

  • Safe systems of work
  • A safe work environment
  • Accommodation for workers, if provided, is appropriate
  • Safe use of plant, structures and substances
  • Facilities for the welfare of workers are adequate
  • Notification and recording of workplace incidents
  • Adequate information, training, instruction and supervision is given
  • Compliance with the requirements under the work health and safety regulation
  • Effective systems are in place for monitoring the health of workers and workplace conditions.


Who uses Online WHS Systems?

Every Racecourse in NSW uses Online WHS to help manage their WHS. Racing NSW undertakes an annual audit for self-insurance purpose and Online WHS is an integral part of their successfully being able to make significant savings by self-insuring.

We have successfully won tenders to supply Online WHS to industry bodies and associations like National Disability Services and Australian Windows Association.

Recently we won competitive tenders – over other major WHS system providers in Australia – for Questacon in Canberra. The feedback from these organisations indicated that Online WHS main advantage is that it is both comprehensive and easy to use.

Our client list boasts of companies large and small in many different industries across Australia including Brown Brother’s Family Wine Group, McPhee Distributions, Select Quarry Materials, Petbarn, Quay Civil, Pohlman’s Nursery, Broom Council, Alto Group, Darrell Lea, URM, Australian Racing Drivers Club, University of Southern Queensland, Select Quarry Materials and National Project Management to name a few.

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