Online WHS Safety Module


Online WHS has simplified Safety down to seven key modules and an Administration area

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The Seven Online WHS Safety Modules

Policy and Planning

Policy & Planning

In this section we set up the Online WHS framework by defining core practices which make up your business. Configuring theses simple elements lays the foundation for the rest of the system.

Employee Management

This section allows employers to record and track their employees – full time, part-time, contractor and volunteer’s – personal information, qualifications, licences, insurances, certifications and training.

Risk Management

Your company needs to do hazard and risk assessments at least quarterly, if not monthly to make sure the site is safe for your employees.

Injury Management

The Online WHS System allows your company to analyse the cause and effect of injuries and identifies actions needing to be taken to reduce the risk of that injury happening again in the future.

Record Management

The Record Management Module facilitates the development, uploading, storing and accessing of all checklists, forms and insurances. In this Module you can also build an audit and find out what needs your attention through your personalised To Do List.

Environmental Management

Having an environmental policy demonstrates a company’s commitment to environmental laws and regulations. These policies make sure that your activities don’t negatively impact the environment or that changes in the environment do not have harmful effects on your employees.

Administration and System Management

The Administration and System Management section allows you to control many aspects of the system from a central point. Control inductions, qualifications, alerts, meetings, actions and complete the processes from other registers.


How is Online WHS Different?


  • Designed to be used by any team member, regardless of training and background.
  • Every employee has access to the System.
  • Each section is easy to complete. Users follow clear step-by-step prompts.
  • Trained agents located across Australia are able to assist and support clients.
  • Designed with on-page help, help sections, training modules and direct ways to contact.


  • We have 22 modules working together to streamline quality and WHS.
  • All clients get full access to all modules. There are no hidden modules or costs.
  • Data moves freely between modules and processes are automated to save time and preserve data integrity.
  • Additional features have been developed based upon client feedback.


  • For a recent large business tender, our price came in at a ¼ of the price from the nearest competitor.
  • When a potential client Looked at our suite they found they would save $30k per year on what they were paying for their E-Learning ALONE.
  • There are no extra charges for support. Our online support and online training is included in the subscription fee.