When Thinking It Over becomes Overthinking – and causes Strangulation.

There is no doubt that the best decision making comes from judicious consideration – thinking things through.

But sometimes thinking it over can tip over into overthinking. The result can be a type of strangulation, often poetically labeled:

Paralysis By Analysis!

It often happens during a transition period between old and new technologies. Business owners and managers find themselves swamped with a stack of questions and issues that are barriers to change. These manifest in statements like:movie Hacksaw Ridge 2016 streaming

  • we’re missing some of the facts,
  • the timing is not right,
  • we spent so much time and money doing it this way, we can’t throw that away,
  • what if it doesn’t work, what’s our fallback position.

This is understandable. Change is difficult. Indeed the stages we go through to institute change are very similar to those we have to overcome when facing grief.

For the sake of our business, our staff, our customers and our community it is essential to get through these stages and ensure that issues surrounding change do not become a straight-jacket.

Here are some simple steps to avoiding the trap.

  1. Remember Occam’s Razor – this is a decision-making principle which essentially says the decision between competing options should go to the option that requires the fewest assumptions. Or, the simplest solution is often the best.
  2. Set a deadline – the deadlines should be for making a decision AND starting the actions to implement the decision.
  3. Take heed of your intuition – what is the option that feels right? Provided you have quarantined the fear of change or loss, your gut feel can be a very very good guide.
  4. Embrace mistakes – Mistakes are both human and a vital tool for learning. The biggest mistake you can make is being stymied by the fear of making a mistake.
  5. Take the leap – and leap high.

WHS Systems – taking advantage of today’s technology.

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