System Management


The System Management Dashboard allows administrators to control many aspects of the system from a central point.

System Management Dashboard

There are three major permission levels in Online WHS Systems – Administration, Management and Employee. This enables each site entered into the system to have its own access page. It also allows employees to have a specific landing page where they can log items or download documents without having any access to any other employee’s personal details.

What does it do and why do I need it?

  • Manage Your System, The Admin User is able to manage the system through the System Management Dashboard
  • Develop your own online e-learning modules and inductions
  • Develop alerts for every aspect throughout the system to help you identify what needs to be done.
  • Develop meetings to show consultation commitments and develop actions.

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Policy and Planning

How Online WHS Systems makes
system management easy!

This administration section allows the admin user to develop inductions, alerts, meetings, schedules, assign things to be undertaken daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. It can also be filtered for every individual site that is entered into the system.

Policy and Planning

The System Management comprises of

Induction Builder

Create your own online e-learning modules with the ability to either write content, upload graphics or embed videos. The induction builder allows you to create multiple questions and answers to each slide developed.

The induction builder also creates a training matrix that not only records the inductions but also allows you to easily assign the induction or training module to employees via site, qualifications, positions and many other combinations. Once an induction is created it also creates a QR Code which can be printed and placed where necessary but when scanned opens up the created induction.


Create alerts for every register and process throughout your Online WHS System. Alerts can be escalated to management if alert action has not been completed in a given time frame.

To-Do List

Online WHS Systems is made with the end-user in mind with its To-Do Lists. Simply put, each team member only needs to go to one place and select ONE icon to see exactly what they need to do that day.

Your team will always know what to do and when to do it, and if they haven’t done it then the manager is notified.

You can program items throughout the system i.e. Checklists, inductions, reviews etc. via the To-Do List master to be undertaken daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and yearly.


The Action Register is related to many modules throughout the system highlighting the completed process for implementing control measures via the hazard register, corrective measures via the incident register, actions via the meeting register and also relates to the checklist builder where an employee once “no” is selected in a checklist created an action can be developed.

Public Page

Online WHS Systems creates a QR Code that can be made “Public” (no user name and password needed) so the employee experience is as easy as simply scanning a QR Code.


With Online WHS Systems you can scan a QR code to log maintenance which then sends the maintenance request to the maintenance register complete with work order number and alerts the person made responsible.


Develop email or SMS alerts to notify your employees or contractors instantly of any action that needs to be undertaken.