Risk Management Module


The Risk Management Module allows companies to identify potential hazards, assess risk and implement control measures relating to plant and equipment, chemicals and activities undertaken.

The Risk Management Module

Your company needs to do hazard and risk assessments on a regular basis depending on your level of risk, in this section its all about identifying risks, developing safe work processes and maintaining records to show compliance.


What does it do and why do I need it?

  • Manage Hazards, identify, assess, develop control measures, implement actions for identified hazards and risks.
  • Manage Plant and Equipment, develop maintenance schedules, assign qualification and training requirements needed, manages insurances and registrations.
  • Manage Chemicals, upload Safety Data Sheets (SDS), develop procedures, undertake risk assessments for chemicals.
  • Manage SWMs/Activities, develop and upload Safe Work Method Statements.
  • Manage Maintenance, develop your own maintenance request form, creates work order number and manages the entire maintenance process with reports.
  • Manage Procedures, needed for safe operation of a business.
  • Manage Inductions, ensuring employees are inducted and trained in accordance to a companies safety policies and procedures..

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Policy and Planning

How Online WHS Systems makes 
managing risk easy!

The Risk Management Module of Online WHS Systems allows you to manage all of the above but also develops a QR Code for each individual item, therefore the end-users experience is as easy as scanning a QR Code.

Policy and Planning

The Risk Management Module comprises of

SWMs/Activity Register

Develop or upload Safe Work Method Statements so your employees know the hazards and control measures associated with high-risk work activities. Employees can sign to say they have read and understood the SWM. Online WHSSystems maintains a log and record of use and changes to the SWMs.

A Hazard Register

In the Hazard Register you can identify, assess, develop control measures and then assign actions for identified hazards and risks via the easy to use step by step risk management process.

The system also develops a QR Code for the hazard form which can be made public (a person doesn’t even have to use a user name and password to enter a hazard) for quick and easy access to the hazard form.

A Plant & Equipment Register

In the Plant and Equipment Register, you can:

  • View and manage a plant items maintenance schedules
  • Develop checklists such as the pre-start, inspection and fit for duty checklists to keep detailed records to show compliance
  • Set training and qualification criteria’s to the use of the plant item
  • See which employees meet that criteria
  • For the employee to assign a plant item in and out which creates a history of use record in the employees history
  • Manage insurances, registrations and review dates.

All the information of the plant or equipment item including checklists related to the item and which employee have the qualification and training requirement to use the plant item, can be accessed by one QR Code which you can attach to that item.

A Maintenance Register

In the Maintenance Register, you can develop customised maintenance forms complete with a QR Code (which can be made public) that can be placed either on a site or an individual machine. Once the QR Code is scanned, the user can select a form from the drop-down list that was created to log any maintenance needed.

The system then can email or SMS alert the responsible person who can then manage and outsource the maintenance. Online WHS Systems develops comprehensive reports so you can identify exactly where your maintenance costs are coming from.

Online WHS Systems shows a maintenance history log for each item.


Manage Chemicals, undertake a risk assessment, develop handling procedures and upload Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for hazardous chemicals. Online WHS Systems sends email alerts to notify you of review dates.


Produce reports on any hazard that has been identified, assessed, controls developes, actions developed and actions implemented.

You can produced reports by date ranges, types, risk scores, activities, sites, machine, measures and PPE used.

Why do I need to Manage Risk and Hazards?

All businesses must legally have a work health and safety risk assessment that is current.

The Risk Management Section of Online WHS helps businesses to identify potential hazards, assessment of risks, and implementation of control measures.

This comprehensive register helps mitigate risks associated with the use of chemicals and the maintenance of plant and equipment. It will induct your employees into your site safety and how The procedures cover a businesses administrative control to mitigate risk.

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