Policy and Planning Module


The Policy and Planning Module enables the easy development of a framework for creating a more efficient, professional, and safer workplace

The Policy and Planning Module

In this section, we set up WHS framework by defining core practices which make up your business. Configuring theses simple elements lays the foundation for the rest of the system.


What does it do and why do I need it?

  • Manage Policies, which highlight the companies commitment to safe operations.
  • Manage Positions, needed to make sure employees have the correct qualifications to do their job.
  • Manage Responsibilities, ensuring key roles/responsibilities are fulfilled.
  • Manage Emergency Procedures, ensuring procedures are in place for an emergency.
  • Manage Emergency Equipment, ensuring emergency equipment is available and in safe working order.

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Policy and Planning

How Online WHS Systems makes managing
Policies and Planning easy!

  • Comes with 26 pre-loaded customisable policies making it easy to comply with WHS legislation.
  • Centralises all your policies and alerts you when the policies need reviewing.
  • Set alerts for service records for emergency equipment.
  • History of maintenance is logged against each item.
Policy and Planning

The Policy and Planning Safety Module comprises of

A Policy Register

The system comes pre-loaded with 26 policies to help any business get started with their policy development. In this register you can add, develop or edit policies and relate them to various other registers in your system to show that your policy is related to activities and other commitments. The system not only will keep a version record and control of previous policies and but also a comprehensive log.

An Organisational Position Register

In the Organisational Position Register you can relate positions to inductions, training modules, certifications and qualifications needed to safely perform the role.

The system uses this information combined with the Employee Data to automatically create a Qualification Matrix and Training Needs Analysis.

A Procedure Register

In the Procedure Register, you can upload or develop procedures within the system for easy management and access by employees.

You can set review dates for continual improvement. Each update of a document is kept in a log for each procedure.

Online WHS Systems comes with 18 procedures included in the system price.


This register helps you record and assign important responsibilities that are needed in any business regarding a safety management. This register also interacts with the Emergency Procedure Register to help you identify emergency responsibilities that your business may need.


In this register you can identify your emergency scenarios and then develop a step by step emergency procedure complete with:

  • Policy commitment
  • Procedure utilising the systems step by step risk assessment process
  • Develop alerting systems needed complete with a person responsible for the alert
  • Emergency Equipment Needed which links in with the Emergency Equipment Register
  • Identify and develop Evacuation drill and review dates.


Develop maintenance schedules and keep a record of all emergency equipment needed for the scenarios you have identified in the Emergency Procedure Register and set email alerts to notify you when maintenance is needed.

Why do I need to Manage Policies & Planning?

Australian legislation states each company needs to develop and implement various policies and procedures to help ensure the safety of all employees. By assessing situations and implementing best work policies a business aims to improve it’s operations and lower the likelihood of an incident.

In this section you define your organisations positions, and what is needed (licences, certifications, qualifications, inductions) to fulfill that position correctly. This works in with the Employee Register to form a training needs analysis and various other reports. Essentially, this covers a legal requirement which can best be summed up as: “Each employee is appropriately qualified to do a job”.

Further a company needs to establish responsibilities (such as Fire Warden, First Aid Officer ETC), Emergency Procedures and maintain Emergency Equipment which is covered by this module.

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