Injury Management Module


The Injury Management Module effectively documents incidents, allows you to investigate the incident and develop corrective measures to reduce the likelihood of the incident reoccurring. This also develops return to work plans.

The Injury Management Module

Online WHS Systems allows your company to analyse the cause and effect of injuries and identifies actions needing to be taken to reduce the risk of that injury happening again in the future.


What does it do and why do I need it?

  • Manage Incidents, report, investigate and identify corrective measures and set actions.
  • Manage Reports, develop comprehensive reports on injuries by type, body part, activity, site, machine, the accident involved, positions and contributing factors.
  • Manage Return to Work, develop a return to work plan including suitable duties.

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Policy and Planning

How Online WHS Systems makes 
managing injuries easy!

The end-users experience is literally just scanning a QR Code or logging into the system and hitting one icon to log an incident that then automatically alerts management.

Policy and Planning

The Injury Management Safety Module comprises of

A Incident Register

In the Incident Register you can:

  • Record information and details related to all incidents
  • Complete comprehensive incident investigations
  • Develop corrective measures
  • Set actions to implement corrective measures
  • Develop a variety of reports to identify and analyse incident trends.

A Reports Register

Online WHS Systems produces a range of reports including:

  • Incidents and Accidents by:
    • Type
    • Body part injured
    • Activity involved
    • Site involved
    • Machines involved
    • Contributing factors
    • Return to work
  • Hazards by:
    • Types
    • Sites
    • Risk score
    • Activity
    • Machines
  • Inductions/Training by:
    • Site
    • Scores
    • Pass rate
    • Average score
    • Average score
  • Employee History
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Qualifications
  • Training Needs Analysis

A Return to Work Register

This Register allows you to develop a Return to Work plan with:

  • Normal or reduced hours
  • Suitable duties
  • Duties to be avoided
  • Goals
  • Workplace Modifications
  • Considerations
  • Actions
  • Also develop reports and calculate reduce hour wages.

Why do I need to Manage Injuries?

The Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act states that businesses need to be equipped to effectively manage workplace injuries. By assessing situations and implementing best work policies, a business can improve it’s operations and lower the likelihood of an incident.

In this section you can:

  • Produces detailed incident reports on incidents recorded in your system.
  • Reports on the investigation and corrective measures.
  • Develops reports to identify true causes and trends
  • Develops statistical reports on:
    • How many incidents are logged in a timeframe
    • How many investigations are undertaken on time
    • How many corrective measures developed on time
    • How many corrective measure actions were implemented on time

Further a company can produce a range of reports for incidents and accidents, hazards, inductions, employees history, plant and equipment, maintenance, qualifications and training needs, which are also found in this module.

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