Employee Management Module


The Employee Management Module enables employers track compliance procedures for all employees and contractors

The Employee Management Module

The Employee Management Module is the most important part of the system as it takes care of your number one resource, your employees.

No matter what industry you are in it is highly likely that your employees will need certain qualifications, training and Inductions to perform the tasks they undertake, managing all these can be difficult and time-consuming. Having an employee undertake a task when they are neither qualified, their qualifications have expired or they haven’t been trained and inducted in the safe work procedures, is a major compliance breach and if something goes wrong to be prepared to receive the full wrath of the law.

So how can we manage all this? Online WHS Systems Qualification Matrix, Inductions and Training Matrix and Induction Builder complete with email alerts, help make managing employees easy.


What does it do and why do I need it?

  • Manage Employees, their personal information, qualifications, licences and training.
  • Manage Employees Histories, incidents they were involved in, hazards logged, inductions undertaken, qualifications, notifications, meetings attended and checklists completed.
  • Manage Qualifications, ensuring employees are qualified to, for instance, operate certain machinery.
  • Manage Training, ensuring employees are inducted and trained in accordance with a companies safety policies and procedures.
  • Manage Contractors, their licences, certifications, insurances and inductions.
  • Manage PPE, ensuring equipment is maintained and used correctly.

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How Online WHS Systems makes 
managing Employees easy!

Online WHS Systems is an all-inclusive system which allows you to effectively automate all your employee compliance procedures.

The Employee Management Module comprises of:

Employee Register

The Employee Register allows you to manage the health and safety of your employees.

Online WHS Systems helps you manage your employees, their qualification and training. The Qualifications Manager and Training Needs Analysis lets you know if there are any gaps present.

Training and Induction

The Training Register allows you to create and assign online inductions and develop comprehensive reports.

Online WHS Systems automatically creates a training needs analysis highlighting if any gaps are present in a companies training program.

Contractor Register

Ensures your contractors have the appropriate:

  • Qualifications
  • Safe Work Documents and Procedures
  • Insurances
  • Sub-Contractor Management

Online WHS Systems Contractor Management portal:

  • Will allow Businesses to upload key documents, certificates, qualifications and insurance
  • Creates Contractor ID Card complete with photo
  • Uses QR Codes to highlight if the company is up to date with insurances
  • Alerts the contractor on expiring insurances
  • The contractors, their employees and sub-contractors can complete inductions online prior to commencing work on site


The Vaccination module provides you with your employee’s vaccinations details as well as:

  • View Vaccination records
  • Detailed report on how many vaccinations they have received.
  • View expiry dates.
  • Create alert dates.
  • View manufacturing details

Sign in Sign Out

Online WHS Systems helps you to manage the safety of your employees, with the Sign in Sign Out function. The Sign in Sign out function allows you to be able to create a log of who is entering your facility.

It can be used by anyone such as Employees, Contractors and/or Visitors entering your facility. Once they have filled out their details, the system creates detailed log of their personal/vaccination details, time of entry and exit.

  • Quick and easy access via QR Codes
  • Creates a log of anyone entering your facility
  • Manage COVID-19 in your facility.
  • Assists you with compliance.

Employee ID Cards

The Employee ID Card function allows for quick and easy access of your employees’ details via a QR Code.

Scan the QR Code to view employees:

  • Vaccination details
  • Qualifications
  • Employees details


Develop emergency procedures specific to your businesses needs from which you can develop policies, procedures, alerts, equipment required and emergency drills/review dates.


The Volunteer Register allows you to manage the health and safety of volunteers at your site.

Online WHS Systems helps you manage your volunteers, their qualification and training.


Manage details or clients and students who come into your workplace or on your worksite.

Why is Employee Management so important?

It is a responsibility and obligation for both employers and employees to know health and safety requirements in the workplace.

New employees are most at risk of being injured due to a lack of experience or familiarity with you workplace and processes. The system allows you to quickly set up new employees and train them on your workplace health and safety policies.

In this section you define your employees details and qualifications (licences, certifications, qualifications, inductions) of that employee. This works in with the Risk Register where you can check if an employee if qualified to operate a piece of machinery.

Essentially, this register covers a legal requirement which can best be summed up as: “Each employee is appropriately qualified to do a job”.

Further a company needs to properly manage contractors – their qualifications, inductions, certifications and insurances – which is covered by this module.

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