Risk Management


Online WHS Systems has a Risk Management Module which helps manage safety processes to activities, chemicals and plant and equipment under your control.

Risk Management

Identifying, assessing and controlling hazards relating to your activities, chemicals, plant and equipment that your employees undertake is essential in any safety system. This module consists of a risk management process as well as maintaining your plant and equipment, chemicals and safe work method statements.

Online WHS Systems helps it’s users to effectively manage risk in their workplace.

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How Online WHS Systems makes 
managing Risks easy!

Online WHS Systems makes managing risks relating to activities, chemicals and plant items easy as these registers not only link to the risk assessment process but also to the checklist builder and the induction builder. All these registers have features where you can actually develop maintenance or review records and highlight in each items log your commitment to safety.

What do I need to do to Manage Risks?

See it – Assess it – Fix it – Evaluate it.

See it

  • Talk to your workers – they are exposed to workplace hazards and risks every day.
  • Perform workplace inspections – simply walking around and visually inspecting the workplace can reveal hazards that might have been overlooked.

Assess it

  • Look at each of the hazards you have identified and determine its