Maintenance Management


Online WHS Systems Maintenance Manager will manage all your scheduled maintenance quickly, easily and effectively.

Maintenance Management

There are two different types of maintenance, scheduled maintenance and unscheduled maintenance. Regularly scheduled maintenance is essential to keep your plant and equipment items in safe working order but identifying unscheduled maintenance trends can dramatically help your business not only identify maintenance issues but also identify items that may need replacing. That’s where the Online WHS Systems Maintenance manager comes in.

Online WHS Systems helps its users manage maintenance; maintenance schedules, costs and checks.

Online WHS Systems has a Maintenance Register which is linked to the maintenance request QR Code feature.

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How Online WHS Systems makes 
managing Maintenance easy!

The Maintenance Manager allows you to develop your own drop-down selection list of maintenance issues for a selected item or if needed multiple items.

See the five easy steps for completing a maintenance request below.

  1. Creates a QR Codes that you can attach to a plant or equipment item that when scanned, brings up a maintenance request form for that site or machine. QR Code which can be made “Public” (the user doesn’t even have to enter a user name or password after scanning the QR Code).
  2. The responsible person is alerted by email and or SMS.
  3. They then assign the maintenance to be completed by either an internal employee or external contractor at a click of a button.
  4. The contractor is sent the maintenance request via email with instructions plus the Work Order Number.
  5. Contractor clicks a link on the email when the job is done and it logs it in the system.

The end-users experience is just scanning a QR Code to bring up a simple maintenance request form where they select maintenance issues from a dropdown list you created.

An exportable report that can help you identify exactly where your maintenance issues are occurring and how much they are costing you makes this module arguably a must have for any business.

What do I need to do to Manage Maintenance?

You should:

  • Make sure you maintain plant and equipment items so they are in a safe working order
  • Make sure to provide a safe place or work free of hazards and any obstructions and obstacles.

Online WHS Systems Maintenance Register

Maintenance Register

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Managing Maintenance

Phil Bamford walks you through Managing Maintenance in the Online WHS System.

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