Incident Management


Online WHS Systems has an incident register to help you effectively document incidents, investigate the true cause and develop corrective measures to reduce the likelihood of re-occurrence.

Incident Management

One of the major features in Online WHS Systems is the Incident Register. The Online WHS Systems Incident Register allows users to analyse the cause and effect of injuries and identify actions needing to be taken to reduce the risk of that injury happening again in the future.

Online WHS Systems helps its users easily log an incident by simply scanning a QR Code.

Online WHS Systems incident management sections enable you to:

  • Log an incident either by QR Code or logging into the system
  • Set email alerts to notify supervisors and management of the incident
  • Investigate the incident using the systems detailed investigation tool
  • Develop corrective measures to reduce the likelihood of the incident reoccurring
  • Assign actions to responsible people to implement the corrective measures
  • Develop a Return to Work plan and graph the employees return
  • Develop comprehensive reports to identify trends and true causes.

From the dashboard, you can see where everything is at in this register with the systems traffic light process.

  • Red, an incident has been logged
  • Orange, an incident has been investigated
  • Green, the corrective measure has been developed

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How Online WHS Systems makes 
managing Incidents easy!

The Online WHS System makes the end-user experience easy. Employees can simply scan the incident QR Code that has been made Private (they need to be logged into the system) or Public (do not need to be logged into the system to see them form) to log an incident.

What do I need to do to Manage Incidents?

Under current regulations, employers must ensure that any workplace incidents:

  • are recorded with all the details of the incident
  • investigated to find the true cause of the incident
  • correct measures developed to reduce the likelihood of re-occurrence
  • records to show that these corrective measures have been implemented and employees inducted on the new processes.

Online WHS Systems Incident Register

Incident Register

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Managing Incidents

Phil Bamford walks you through Managing Incidents in the Online WHS System.

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