Environmental Management


Online WHS Systems has an environment register to assist you in developing an environmental policy that reflects your organisation’s commitments.

Environmental Management

In today’s business world going for tenders is a huge part of obtaining work for your business, arguably every tender process will have an Environmental aspect to it (especially if it is a Government tender). So when asked for your Environmental Policies they just don’t want some generic policy you have downloaded from the internet they want to see you actually HAVE a true policy and the processes in place in regards to your environmental impact from the activities you undertake.

We know as it has worked for many of our companies who go for tenders, having Online WHS Systems as a complete system with the environmental impact tool has helped them win major tenders and help build their business.

Online WHS Systems helps it’s users easily manage their commitment to the environment.

Online WHS Systems Environmental Register not only helps you identify, assess and develop controls for your environmental impacts but also help develop an environmental plan and policy to truly show commitment and put your company ahead of many others during the tender process.

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How Online WHS Systems makes 
managing the Environment easy!

With Online WHS Systems you can:

  • Develop business policies related to environmental issues
  • Identify and control environmental impacts
  • Develop an environmental policy and action plan

How can I manage my businesses environment impact?

You should:

  • Be aware of how your business operations affect the environment
  • Undertake an environmental impact risk assessment on activities you undertake
  • Develop control measures to reduce your environmental impacts
  • Develop an environmental policy as a commitment to reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Develop procedures and train employees in your companies’ policies, procedures and commitment
  • Focus on operating as a ‘green’ business

Online WHS Systems Environment Register


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