Chemical Management


Do your employees know how to use, store and handle substances safely in your workplace?

Online WHS Systems has a chemical register to assist you in meeting your workplace safety obligations.

Chemical Management

Chemicals in the Workplace pose a risk and therefore according to safety legislation need to be assessed and controlled.

In Work Health and Safety (WHS) and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) there the specific way we assess and control Chemicals falls under its own category: Chemical Management.

Online WHS Systems helps its users manage chemicals in a straight forward and easy fashion.

Online WHS Systems has a Chemical Register containing details of each chemical used by your business, which you then populate with your Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

You can undertake a risk assessment, identify storage areas, develop procedures and control measures for the safe handling of chemicals.

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How Online WHS Systems makes
managing Chemicals easy!

Online WHS Systems makes chemical management easy as it creates a QR Code with the name of the chemical which can be placed on or near the chemical. Everything you upload related to that chemical including; SDSs, procedures, risk assessments, checklists and inductions, can be seen by scanning 1 QR Code! Now that is making chemical management easy!

What do I need to do to Manage Chemicals?

If your company users Chemicals or Hazardous Substances, then you must have a Chemical Register in place, which details each of the Chemicals used by your company. Each Chemical should be accompanied by an appropriate Safety Data Sheet (SDS) which contains information on the use of various chemicals.

Handling procedures and a risk assessment should also be developed and undertaken, and inductions and training should be completed to show your employees have been shown how to use these chemicals safely. Some chemicals can kill or cause serious long-term effects if not handled or used correctly.

You should:

  • Identify all hazardous substances in your workplace
  • Ensure that a suitable and sufficient assessment is made of the risks to health and safety created by work activities that involve possible exposure to any hazardous substances identified at your workplace
  • Keep a log of all hazardous substances at your place of work
  • Introduce safe work methods in handling and storing hazardous substances
  • Provide induction and ongoing training to any employee likely to be exposed to any hazardous substances at your place of work
  • Ensure the induction and ongoing training is commensurate with any risk to health and safety caused by a hazardous substance that has been identified by Risk Assessment
  • Provide induction and ongoing training in a manner that is appropriate to the needs of all employees and is easily understood by them
  • Ensure suitable and sufficient records are maintained of your employees completed inductions and ongoing training.

Online WHS Systems Chemical Register

Chemical Register2

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Managing Chemicals

Phil Bamford walks you through Managing Chemicals in Online WHS Systems.

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