Online WHS Safety Management


How to manage various areas of safety with Online WHS

Managing Safety with Online WHS

Online WHS manages the safety commitments of hundreds of businesses across Australia and we pride ourselves as being one of the most comprehensive products on the market for managing safety.

Below are common areas that people are looking to manage when they first start researching online safety systems. What we also look at is how you can best manage those areas of safety using the Online WHS product or as we like to put it – “Manage a pain point”.

There are areas of the system not mentioned below, so we encourage any business researching safety software to book in a goto meeting where we will take you through the system in more depth, covering the areas specific to your needs.

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Managing Chemicals with Online WHS

In the Risk Management section of Online WHS there is a Chemical Register. Here you identify chemicals which can potentially cause harm to people, property and the environment. You can add SDSs (Safety Data Sheets) and develop procedures around the safe use of these chemicals.

When you create an entry in the Chemical Register a QR Code is generated, which you can place on the container or around the area the Chemical will be used. This way if there is need to quickly access information on the chemical, it is always on hand.

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Managing Contractors with Online WHS

In the Employee Management section of the Online WHS there is a Contractor Register. Here you manage your contractors – their qualifications, insurances and licenses and allows them to complete safety inductions.

Online WHS creates a contractor ID Card complete with photo and information including their insurances and qualifications. The ID Card also has a QR Code on it which when scanned brings up the company and contractors information.

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Managing Employees with Online WHS

In the Employee Management section of the Online WHS there is a Employee Register. Here you manage your employees – their qualifications, licenses, training and inductions.

The Qualifications Manager and Training Needs Analysis feature helps track and manage employee training and gaps present in their qualifications.

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Manage Environment with Online WHS

The Online WHSs Environmental Impact risk assessment tool not only helps you identify, assess and develop controls for your environmental impacts but also help develop an environmental plan and policy to truly show commitment and put your company ahead of many others during the tender process.

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Managing Hazards with Online WHS

In the Risk Management section of Online WHS there is a Hazard Register. Here you identify, assess and put control measures in place for hazards.

The Online WHS System makes the end user experience easy. Employees can simply scan the hazard QR Code that has been made Private (they need to be logged into the system) or Public ( do not need to be logged into the system to see them form) to log a hazard.

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Managing Incidents with Online WHS

In the Injury Management section of Online WHS there is a Incident Register. Here you effectively document incidents and the impact they have on a company.

Online WHS enables cause and effect analysis and identifies remedial actions needed to reduce risk.

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Managing Maintenance with Online WHS

In the Maintenance Management section of Online WHS makes the end users experience easy. All a user needs to do is scan a QR Code to bring up a maintenance request form where they select maintenance issues from a dropdown list you created.

An exportable report that can help you identify exactly where your maintenance issues are occurring and how much they are costing you makes this module arguably a must have for any business.

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Managing Policies with Online WHS

In the Policy and Planning Module section of Online WHS there is a Policy Register. Online WHS comes with 27 pre-loaded customisable policies making it easy to comply with WHS legislation.

This register allows you to centralise your policies and alerts you when the policies need reviewing.

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Managing Qualifications with Online WHS

No matter what industry you are in it is highly likely that your employees will need certain qualifications to perform the tasks they undertake

In the Employee Management section of the Online WHS there is a Qualifications Register. Here you can add employee and contractor qualifications into the system which is placed into the Qualification Matrix which automatically creates a Training Needs Analysis.

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Managing Risk with Online WHS

Identifying, assessing and controlling hazards are at the core of any functional WHS system.

The Online WHS system not only helps record hazards in your workplace but also helps develop control measures with its easy to follow step by step Risk Assessment process.

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How is Online WHS Different?


  • Designed to be used by any team member, regardless of training and background.
  • Every employee has access to the System.
  • Each section is easy to complete. Users follow clear step-by-step prompts.
  • Trained agents located across Australia are able to assist and support clients.
  • Designed with on-page help, help sections, training modules and direct ways to contact.


  • We have 22 modules working together to streamline quality and WHS.
  • All clients get full access to all modules. There are no hidden modules or costs.
  • Data moves freely between modules and processes are automated to save time and preserve data integrity.
  • Additional features have been developed based upon client feedback.


  • For a recent large business tender, our price came in at a ¼ of the price from the nearest competitor.
  • When a potential client Looked at our suite they found they would save $30k per year on what they were paying for their E-Learning ALONE.
  • There are no extra charges for support. Our online support and online training is included in the subscription fee.