Online WHS Systems in Trade Businesses

Online WHS Systems is used throughout many Australian Trade Businesses.

Let’s explore what Trade Businesses get out of Online WHS Systems and the benefits to the industry.

Safety in the Trade Services Industry

We use software every day to manage our business processes. Why should safety management be any different? Online WHS Systems keeps workplace health and safety top of mind for businesses in the Trade Industry.

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Safety in the Trade Services Industry

The Construction/Trade Services Industry lodges over 12,000 worker’s compensation claims per year making it one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Online WHS Systems can help streamline and automate safety processes to make it easier for the Industry to keep on top of their safety obligations. Online WHS Systems also keeps records of relevant qualifications and certifications and inducts employees/contractors into worksites and how to safely use plant and equipment items.

The system can also manage the various sites and documents specifically related to that individual site and help easily tailor a SWMs for that site.

Many of our current trade clients have won tenders by implementing Online WHS as the system will not only help you comply and manage your safety commitments but also help make your business look more professional and in turn help you grow.

Some of our clients include:

What Online WHS Systems focuses on in this Industry

  • To make safety easy – All your tradies needs to do is scan a QR Code to complete a form, checklist, maintenance or report a hazard or incident.
  • To make safety accessible – Online WHS Systems is a cloud-based system which can be used anywhere with an internet connection.
  • To make safety simple – Employees can log in to the system and know exactly what needs to be actioned by clicking one simple button, the ‘To-Do List’.
  • To make safety efficient – Online WHS Systems is an automated system. If something needs to be actioned, the relevant person is alerted via email or SMS.

“I like the fact that all our systems and compliance issues can be managed from the system, prompts and reminders are so important and having this information automated plays a very important role in meeting our compliance obligations.

We initially looked at the system for managing just our WHS obligations and soon found it could do so much more for our business.”

Ben Levesque, Chief Executive Officer, Finley Regional Care

Safety Painpoints for Trade Services

What are the painpoints when managing safety in the Trade Industry and how does Online WHS Systems address and solve these points?

  • 01Plant and Equipment

    Managing your plant and equipment, its maintenance and employees qualifications and training to use the item are important especially in the trade industry where machines are used for work majority of the time.

    How can Online WHS Systems solve these issues?
    In the Plant and Equipment Register, you can:
    - View and manage plant items maintenance schedules
    - Develop checklists such as the pre-start, inspection and fit for duty checklists to keep detailed records to show compliance
    - Set training and qualification criteria’s to the use of the plant item
    - See which employees meet that criteria
    - For the employee to assign a plant item in and out which creates a history of use record in the employee's history
    - Manage insurances, registrations and review dates.

  • 01Employee Management and Inductions

    Staying on top of employee information and certifications can be tiresome. Especially in the Trade Businesses when employees are required to have a large number of certifications.

    How can Online WHS Systems solve these issues?
    - Use the Employee and Contractor Modules to keep track of your employees certifications. The system will alert the administrator and employee when their certification is about to expire so it can be updated.
    - Use the E-Learning Module to induct and train employees in your workplace safety processes.

  • 01Contractor Management

    Contractor management can be a very challenging area and is one often looked past by businesses. An employer has a legal obligation for the work health and safety of any contractors working at their place of work or undertaking work for the business.

    How can Online WHS Systems solve these issues?
    - Use the Contractor Register to keep track of contractor certifications, insurances, licences and qualifications.
    - Use the E-Learning Module to make sure contractors are inducted into the safe work processes at the site including emergency procedures.


Online WHS Systems for the Trade Industry

What registers help the Trade Industry manage their safety obligations?

Policy and PlanningPlant and Equipment

It is a WHS requirement to keep an equipment register with a history of the maintenance performed on each item. Online WHS Systems maintains an automated log of updates made to a piece of equipment to assist you to track its maintenance records.

Injury ManagementInjury Management

The injury Management Module allows your company to analyse the cause and effect of injuries and identifies actions needing to be taken to reduce the risk of that injury happening again in the future.

Risk ManagementChecklist Builder

The Checklist Builder allows you to create checklists which can be related to sites, activities, plant & equipment, chemicals, employees and more.

Employee ManagementInduction Module

The E-Learning Register of Online WHS Systems allows you to assign inductions and records the results.

Record ManagementQualification Matrix and Manager

The Qualification Matrix and Manager allows you to keep track of your employees and qualifications. If you relate a qualification to a position, any employee related to that position without the proper qualifications will be highlighted as yellow in the Qualification Matrix, automatically creating a Training Needs Analysis.

Environmental ManagementContractor Management

Online WHS Systems Contractor Register assists you in making sure your contractors are inducted, have the appropriate qualifications, safe work documents and procedures, insurances and licenses to operate at your site.

Record ManagementSWMs Module

In the SWMs Module you can outline the high risk work activities to be carried out at a workplace, the hazards that may arise from these activities, and the measures to put in place to control the risks.

Environmental ManagementMaintenance Manager

In the Maintenance Manager you can develop a maintenance request for a site, location or plant and equipment item.

Record ManagementMeeting Builder

Online WHS Systems has a Meeting Manager that allows you to build your own templates for a meeting including management meetings, toolbox talks, safety meetings and consultation, make minutes and set actions.

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