Online WHS Systems Pricing

Often when compared with other systems of similar functionality, Online WHS Systems comes in at a more affordable price as an all-inclusive system. We structured it this way as we don’t want the cost to prevent businesses from running safely.

The below amount is for complete access to the software (all modules, all employees having access).

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Number of Employees (FT, PT and Casual):
Number of Contractors and Volunteers:

For the purposes of Online WHS Systems “employees” is defined as anyone who will need to be registered in the employee register and/or will need to access the system (i.e Full time, Part Time and Casual). Contractors are unable to have access to the system as they are considered external suppliers or service providers. If you have workers who are “sole traders” and whose sole source of income is your company it is likely they would need to be classed as employees for Online WHS Systems.

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