Plant and Equipment Manager


Manage your plant and equipment, its maintenance and employees qualifications and training to use the item.

Plant & Equipment Manager

Your responsibilities to plant items under your control are:

  1. Make sure the employee has the correct qualifications to use the machine
  2. Make sure to maintain the plant item in a safe working order
  3. Have safe operating procedures for the plant item
  4. Undertake a risk assessment of the plant items environment and develop control measures to reduce the likelihood of injury
  5. Induct and train your staff on all the above
  6. Keep records to show compliance and your efforts.

You can manage this in a manual paper way process, but using an online system such as Online WHS Systems can help take the stress out of this through automation and simplicity of use.

Online WHS Systems can:

  • Manage the plant items maintenance dates and alert
  • Induct and train employees using the system
  • Develop checklists where an employee only has to scan a QR Code to undertake a pre-start checklist or also enter any maintenance needed for the plant item
  • Provide you all the information needed to use the plant item.

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The Plant and Equipment Register

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Adding Plant and Equipment

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Plant and Equipment Item Details

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