Use the Online WHS Systems E-Learning Module to induct and train employees in your workplace safety processes.


Inductions will assist you, a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), to meet your duty of care of providing a safe workplace. Safety inductions are important as they train staff in the safety procedures for your site.

Online WHS Systems Training Register allows you to create and assign online inductions and develop comprehensive reports.

Online WHS Systems automatically creates a training needs analysis highlighting if any gaps are present in a companies training program.

Online WHS Systems allows you to:

  • Assign the induction or training modules to an employee, position or qualification.
  • Record all results in each individual employee history complete with exportable reports.
  • Complete the induction by logging into the system or scanning a QR Code.

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The Induction Register

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The Induction Builder

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The Induction Matrix

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