Global Directors, Shareholders and Senior Management

We advise that Phillip Bamford is no longer with our company having ceased employment on 15th April 2024 and we are pleased to advise that Michael Fulcher has now been promoted to CEO in his place.


Michael Fulcher has been the driving force in the development of our Online WHS Management System for in excess of ten (10) years and has an inherent knowledge of how customers can get the most value out of our system and is the person responsible for the ongoing upgrade of our product.


Going forward Michael Kotzmanek, Managing Director and Principal, will be leading the organisation with the support of our new CEO Michael Fulcher and our new Customer Success Manager Julie-Anne Baraceros.


Julie- Anne is a former employee who had relocated interstate for personal reasons and who brings with her experience and a working knowledge of our Online WHS Management System. Julie- Anne has multiple WHS certifications and is currently enrolled in her diploma of WHS.


We look forward to our talented group of experienced and senior industry personnel providing a level of service that we can be proud of and welcomed by our significant customer base. If you have any questions or would like to review your system please do not hesitate to book a training session or email Michael (

Michael Kotzmanek – Executive Director and Principal

A Chartered Accountant for over forty-five (45) years, Michael has gained experience in major accounting firms before establishing his own successful practice in 1990 which he ran for many years.

In the 1990’s he established a substantial commercial and industrial property portfolio on behalf of a number of investors originating from his successful Accounting Practice – Michael specialised in business services advices including restructuring and commercial valuations.

Michael continues to own and manage Casula Central, a medium sized bulky goods and retail Centre in South West Sydney which is majority owned by himself and business partner, Bob Taylor.

Michael brings to Global the financial resources and experience to ensure the business grows into a substantial enterprise.


Bob Taylor – Shareholder and Corporate Advisor

A successful businessman, entrepreneur and General Manager, Bob has a forty-five (45) year track record of owning, operating and growing a number of businesses.

From 1972 until 1989 Bob built Tyremaster into a major tyre distribution business.

In 1990 the business was sold to ColesMyer who engaged Taylor to build the Kmart Automotive division into the leading tyre and auto business in Australia with 150 outlets and 1,000 employees.

Taylor then took up the role of Managing Director of Dymocks Group of companies. Dymocks has interests in retail bookstores, property and farming.

After a successful three (3) years Taylor went on to invest in and operate the Taverner Hotel Group with thirty-three (33) large hotels and 2,300 staff. He initiated sale to the Woolworths Hotel joint venture in 2006 for $380 million – an all-time record in terms of hotel sales.

Since “retiring” in 2006 Taylor has successfully invested in a number of commercial properties with his long-time friend and business partner of many years, Michael Kotzmanek.


Michael Fulcher – CEO, Global Safety Systems

Michael reports directly to the Board, managing the development team and working across all aspects of the business. Michael will be facilitating any custom development and integration work. There is a team of developers and support staff under Michael.


Abridged Curriculum Vitae

A leader in digital innovation covering such positions as General Manager, Chief Technical Officer, Operations Manager and Performance Marketing Manager. Michael combines his IT degree and associated project management certifications with strong leadership and strategic skills to drive business growth and profitability.

Michael has experience in delivering projects and strategies to achieve targets. He specialises in deigning “out of the box” solutions. Michael has worked in the digital start-up industry since 2006 and further has experience working across Corporate and FinTech environments.

Michael joined the business in 2013 and has worked in the delivery and support of the various Global Safety Systems projects. Michael specialises in delivering new concepts within the Systems platform (QR codes, smart forms, monitors, monitor boards, tiered site map structure) ultimately taking Global’s unique vision to the next level.