New Employee Inductions – Essential WHS Practice

Yes, giving the new guy a few tips is great – it forms part of your workplace safety culture.

But is it enough?

An organisational culture that values health and safety is vital but it needs support. Strong systems, policies and procedures are that support – in fact they may even be essential to building the culture you want.


Well for starters most organisations need a balance between safety imperatives and commercial imperatives. You have to lead the way in this.

Any culture can degrade over time and relying on culture for your safety obligations could leave you vulnerable. Your safety programs risk becoming ad hoc, random and incapable of demonstrating your diligence. Despite the best intentions of your team, shortcuts can creep into work practices … and these get passed on to the new guy.

So, before being allowed to start on your worksite (and before hearing the safety tips from your team), the new “man” should be:

  • inducted into the work site,
  • given the policies and procedures relevant to the role and environment, and
  • provided with information about the risks and safety controls that are in place.

Undertaking a formal and documented approach to inducting a new employee has many advantages but three vital ones Russian mail order brides – Sexy, Hot & Free brides from Russia online. are:

  • it helps to encourage the safety culture in the workplace
  • it provides a check on the culture veering away from the approved systems, policies and procedures (meaning that either the culture needs to be reigned in or the policies need to change.)
  • it provides evidentiary support against potential problems if accidents or incidents do occur.

Remember, that your obligations as an owner, employer or manager extend also to contractors who enter your work site. They also have a need to be inducted into your film Sleepless 2017 now

The Employee Management Module in the Online WHS System effectively track compliance procedures for all your employees and contractors … including that essential function of Induction.

To find out more details about how Online WHS handles new employees click here.

Using Online WHS keeps WHS compliance as a high priority but it eases the burden.