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System Registration Form

For the purposes of Online WHS Systems “employees” are defined as anyone who will need to be registered in the employee register and/or will need to access the system (i.e. Full time, Part Time and Casual).

Contractors do not have access to the system as they are considered external suppliers or service providers. If you have workers who are “sole traders” and whose sole source of income is your company it is likely they would be needed to be classed as employees for Online WHS Systems.

  • Company Details

  • Key Person Contact Details

    The details of the person who is responsible for the implementation and continued use of the Online WHS system.
  • Financial Contact

    The details of the person from your company who receives and pays the invoice.
  • Systems Details

  • Includes Full time, Part time and Casual Employees.
  • The number of Contractor Companies used by your business.
  • Optional System Support

    Many companies may be too busy to get their system up and running why not get one of our professional consultants to help you maximise the implementation of your new Online WHS System. This is an optional service. Of course the system comes complete with a very compressive help guide including 20 online videos and a ticketing help section plus two free seats at our monthly training seminar to help you learn the system.