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Like You Might Use MYOB or Xero to Manage Accounts

Online WHS Manages Your Safety!

Safety Modules in Online WHS

Policy and Planning

Policy &






Online WHS Videos

Phil Bamford was recently interviewed at Wagga Wagga TV for a series on Safety and Online WHS.

Online WHS Interview

This video is Founder and Director Phil Bamford being interviewed by Adam Drummond from Wagga Wagga TV on the overall features of Online WHS

Main Features of Online WHS

This video is Founder and Director of Online Compliance Systems being interviewed by Adam Drummond from Wagga Wagga TV on the major features and ease of use of Online WHS.

Online WHS – Maintenance

In this video Founder and Director of Online Compliance Systems is being interviewed by Adam Drummond of Wagga Wagga TV on the exciting new feature the Maintenance Manager. The Maintenance Manager will revolutionise and make managing maintenance so easy and also extremely cost effectively.

Online WHS – Ease of Use

The biggest barrier to effectively implementing safety into an organisation is accessibility and ease of use. In this interview Phil Bamford discusses with Adam Drummond from Wagga Wagga TV how Online WHS addresses this issue.

Some Screenshots of Online WHS


Quick Links Page

All areas of safety – simplified and summarised on one page.

On one simple screen each key section of the system is reported on as being up to date, whether review is needed or whether it needs urgent

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Multiple Sites allow you to segment your system

With Online WHS you can set up different sites specific to a location or a type of work, such that each team member who logs in only sees information specific to them.

Essentially you’re creating a smaller system within your Online WHS system for each business unit or place of operations.

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Dashborad employees2
Induction Matrix

Real Time Training Needs Analysis

All your team, assessed against the position they’re in, available at a click of a button.

Simply define what training, certifications and inductions are needed to perform a position safely, then the system will keep track of any team member assigned against this position.

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Real Time Safety Reporting

Immediately access up to date safety reports. You can dig deeper into these reports to find patterns and ultimately improve the safety of your organisation.

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Incident Reporting

How is Online WHS Different?


  • Designed to be used by any team member, regardless of training and background.
  • Every employee has access to the System.
  • Each section is easy to complete. Users follow clear step-by-step prompts.
  • Trained agents located across Australia are able to assist and support clients.
  • Designed with on-page help, help sections, training modules and direct ways to contact.


  • We have 22 modules working together to streamline quality and WHS.
  • All clients get full access to all modules. There are no hidden modules or costs.
  • Data moves freely between modules and processes are automated to save time and preserve data integrity.
  • Additional features have been developed based upon client feedback.


  • For a recent large business tender, our price came in at a ¼ of the price from the nearest competitor.
  • When a potential client Looked at our suite they found they would save $30k per year on what they were paying for their E-Learning ALONE.
  • There are no extra charges for support. Our online support and online training is included in the subscription fee.

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