Aged Care Safety: Why The Royal Commission is Recommending You Implement Digital Systems

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In this email we look at some of the statistics around going digital and how it can add value to your company.

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The Royal Commission highly recommends all Aged Care Facilities transition to digitised management systems. ‘This will result in a safer, more efficient and comprehensive transfer of critical information’. (The Royal Commission, 2021, p. 118) 

This universal adoption of a digital management system will show a reduction of errors leading to less time and money being wasted on managing and handling documentation.


As the Royal Commission addresses the insufficient and insecure funding for aged care, they recognise the limitations of increasing expenses overtime is a priority. (The Royal Commision, 2021, p. 74)

The projected Australian Government funding will increase 4% every year over the next decade after correcting for inflation, making aged care spending growing significantly faster than the rate of all Australian Government spending. 

With the Royal Commission’s recommendation to digitise their management systems, these changes will allow for the allocation of funding to other areas of your facility.


Commissioner Briggs considers the new aged care system should be invested through technology that addresses three key areas: 

  1. A system designed to enable better services including care management, case monitoring and report systems.
  2. A system that provides support care, assistance in managing safety and contributes to their quality of life; and
  3. A system that allows for seamless reporting and data sharing.

Online WHS Systems is a leader in Online Safety Software. It has been designed to make compliance to the above points Quick and Easy. We are regarded as one of the most comprehensive, yet easy to use  products on the market.

We are holding a FREE NO OBLIGATION Aged Care Safety Webinar, to assist our existing clients and to educate the industry at large. Further we will demonstrate how you can achieve compliance using Online WHS Systems.


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