Aged Care Safety: 3 Things You Need To Start Doing

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Welcome to the third email in the series – Aged Care Safety: 3 things you need to start doing in 2021. If you’ve missed a previous email, you can read them here – and if you haven’t already – remember to book in for our webinar here

With all the recommendations from the Royal Commission and out of the National Cabinet re COVID –

Here are the top 3 Things you need to start doing which we will be covering in the Webinar:

1. Vaccination Management

The National Cabinet stated all aged care workers must have the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by mid-September. To show your compliance, you must manage these records against your employees with the ability to frequently report on this data.

Now that Aged Care providers are required to report on worker vaccination statuses, the requires show that you must:

  • Report weekly – every Tuesday – on your COVID-19 vaccination status through the ‘My Aged Care provider Portal’.
  • Collect records of the COVID-19 vaccination status of residents.
  • Have a plan to offer COVID-19 vaccinations to their workers via:
    > Onsite clinics
    > Dedicated vaccination hubs
    > Mobile clinics

2. Site Sign-in/out Management

The Chief Health Officer, Deputy Secretary Population and Public Health for Aged Care recommended for Aged Care facilities to start recording who is entering their facility via an electronic visitor record management system. This has been highly recommended as Aged Care facilities are in high risk areas due to the vulnerability of residents. 

This reporting process should be:

  • An electronic visitor record management system using QR Codes.
  • Recording details including full name, phone number, email address and where possible, date and time of entry.
  • Accurate and complete records of Employees, Contractors and Visitors who have entered the Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF).
  • RACFs must continue to screen people entering the facility following the Chief Health Officer advice.

3. Risk Management

The Royal Commission suggested in the Aged Care Quality and Safety final report for Aged Care providers to start implementing an effective risk management system that must:

  • Be a centralised system which can trend analysis can be undertaken and reported.
  • Show continuous improvement, based on lessons learned from near misses and incidents. 
  • Be responsive; demonstrates transparency by communicating changes in response to outcomes from risk, incidents, near misses, consumer feedback and near misses.

Online WHS Systems is a leader in Online Safety Software. It has been designed to make compliance to the above points Quick and Easy. We are regarded as one of the most comprehensive, yet easy to use  products on the market.

We are holding a FREE NO OBLIGATION Aged Care Safety Webinar, to assist our existing clients and to educate the industry at large. Further we will demonstrate how you can achieve compliance using Online WHS Systems.


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