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Global Safety Systems (GSS) formerly Online Compliance Systems (OCS) is a leader in its field for online cloud solution software.

What makes GSS different is our focus on bringing a Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) solution that suits your needs and budget.

Our flagship product is our Online WHS Systems which, where needed, is coupled with our Consulting.

The Online WHS System was first developed 10 years ago. Although the software has been the subject of continuous improvement over those years, we know that in this day and age we can never rest on our laurels. Extensive development, therefore, continues on Online WHS Systems.

The GSS team draws on experience from all facets of WHS and a diverse range of business skills including high-level Administration, Education, Accounting, Communications and Technology.

GSS is proudly Australian owned and operated, servicing clients around the globe.

We look forward to working with you, providing the tool that will make managing WHS/OHS easier.

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