Manage Safety with Online WHS Systems

More than just a safety system, it’s your complete Integrated Management System

About Online WHS Systems

As you might use Xero or MYOB to look after your finances, Online WHS Systems looks after your Safety Commitments.

Introduction to Online WHS Systems

Clients tell us that they choose Online WHS Systems for three main reasons:

  1. Online WHS Systems is Easy to Use
  2. Online WHS Systems is Comprehensive
  3. Online WHS Systems is Cost Efficient

An Online Demonstration will take you through the commonly used components of Online WHS Systems. For your personal walkthrough, contact us now!

Online WHS Systems – Safety by Industry

Online WHS Systems is used a number of different ways by a number of different industries – below are a few use cases by industry.

QR Codes Make Safety Easy and Accessible

Our clients build their own forms in our system, then print off QR codes from within the system. By making them public you do not require a username or password to complete the form. Try these out below!

Manage Hazards with QR Codes and Online WHS
Contractor Management via QR Code
QR Card Forklift

Online Safety Modules

Core functionality within Online WHS Systems is divided up into 6 key safety modules plus a powerful administration section.

Policy and PlanningPolicy & Planning

In the policy and planning module you set up the framework for an efficient, professional and safer workplace.

Risk ManagementRisk Management

In the Risk Management Module you identify potential hazards; assess risks and implement control measures.

Record ManagementRecord Management

In this module you create and access digital checklists, forms, reports, templates and documents.

Injury ManagementInjury Management

In the Injury Management Module, you manage and document incidents. Leveraging cause and effect analysis you identify remedial actions needed to reduce risk.

Employee ManagementEmployee Management

In the Employee Management module you can manage and track compliance for all employee and contractors.

Environmental ManagementEnvironmental Management

In the Environmental Module you identify issues and create options and actions for lowering environmental impact.

What makes Online WHS Systems Different?

Online WHS’s Four Core Principles of Design



If the product isn’t easy, it will not be used, therefore it does not achieve its goals.

Online WHS Systems is appropriate for people with little or no prior safety or technology experience and is quickly and easily picked up with little or no training required.



We don’t want cost to be a barrier to safety otherwise it will not be implemented.

Online WHS Systems typically comes in a third of the cost of a similar product and can replace multiple more costly solutions.



If the product does not cover all safety needs, either elements of safety are not adhered to or multiple systems are purchased.

Online WHS Systems is one of the most comprehensive products in the Australian market.



If a safety process blocks work or takes up a lot too much time, it will not get done or it will be resented.

Online WHS Systems can be quickly accessed via QR codes and team members can complete work as quickly as a paper-based system, with the power and automation of a digital solution.

Online WHS Systems Videos

Phil Bamford was recently interviewed at Wagga Wagga TV for a series on Safety and Online WHS Systems.

An Introduction Online WHS Systems

This video is Founder and Director Phil Bamford being interviewed by Adam Drummond from Wagga Wagga TV providing an introduction to Online WHS Systems.

Online WHS Systems Mobile and QR Codes

The biggest barrier to effectively implementing safety into an organisation is accessibility and ease of use. In this interview, Phil Bamford discusses with Adam Drummond from Wagga Wagga TV how Online WHS Systems addresses this issue.

Major Features of Online WHS Systems

In this video Founder and Director of Global Safety Systems is being interviewed by Adam Drummond of Wagga Wagga TV on the major features of the system. Online WHS Systems will make managing safety so easy and also extremely cost-effectively.

How Online WHS Systems can help you manage COVID-19

At Online WHS Systems we are trying to make it as easy as possible to manage COVID-19 requirements. Watch the video to see how we can help your business manage all aspects of COVID-19.

Customer Training and Support

One on One Customer Training and Support is included in all subscriptions to Online WHS Systems. Here are a few ways we go above and beyond for our clients.

Customer Testimonials

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"I strongly recommend the Online WHS System. I use it daily and it has transformed our business. The system is so easy to use and is a great solution to the WHS/OHS minefield that business's face daily. Phil and his team provide the best support I have experienced. This would be one of the best decisions you will make."

Brad Thomas
General Manager of Azzco Engineering & Stainless Steels

“I have been using the Online WHS System for the past four years. It has made keeping track of all my WHS issues very easy, as it is all in the one place. It has also helped the work crew take more ownership of WHS responsibilities.”

Paul Mason
Supply and Risk Coorinator

“I like that staff can access the system whenever and wherever they need to. In a business that has multiple sites and provides a large percentage of its services in the community or in a Customer/Client’s own home, this provides staff with a quick and easy solution for reporting.

Ashley Chettleburgh
Safety and Wellbeing Officer

"I like the fact that all our systems and compliance issues can be managed from the system, prompts and reminders are so important and having this information automated plays a very important role in meeting our compliance obligations.
We initially looked at the system for managing just our WHS obligations and soon found it could do so much more for our business."

Ben Levesque
Chief Executive Officer

"I like everything about Online WHS!

Online WHS has made a massive difference to our company. It has allowed me to manage all the many aspects of WHS in an easier and confident manner. The dashboard gives me an immediate view on what modules I need to look at and this has been an incredible time saver. The introduction of QR codes has been a fantastic inclusion."

Lisa Walker
IMS Manager

"We have been using Online WHS since June 2016 and it has been pivotal not only as a safety management system to manage and record of incidents, accidents and near misses but a broader management tool to manage scheduled maintenance of equipment and record employees training and qualifications."

Anita Hindle
Corporate Services Manager

We help you get started!

We go to great length to ensure that every client who joins us get’s off to the right start.

We preload each new system with the clients information (provided to us in excel format) as well as a series of online one on one training sessions to get you trained up and using the system correctly.