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Contractor Management Tutorial

What is a contractor?
A contractor is anyone you get to undertake work for you who is not an employee. Using contractors – for maintenance, repairs, installation, construction, demolition and many other jobs – may be routine in your company. But many accidents involve contractors working on site.

Your obligations?
As an employer, you have a legal obligation to:
• Provide a safe place of work for anyone coming onto your premises either to undertake work or just visiting. Therefore this includes contractors and/or sub-contractors working on your premises.
• The contractors and their employees are qualified to undertake the roles they are doing
• The contractor has proper safe work methods and processes for their works
• They have WHS systems in place for all facets of their work and the site
• They have a site representative
• They have all the relevant insurances in place including:
o Workers Compensation
o Public Liability
o Professional Indemnity
o Any Permits that are needed to undertake the work
o And to make sure that all these insurances are up to date
It is important that you obtain and maintain records of all of the above information, this is exactly what the Online WHS system Contractor Management section is designed to do.

Registering a Contractor in your system: (Click here for a visual step-by-step guide for registering contractors in the system)

1. Select the contractor button on the top toolbar.
2. Select add contractor and enter their details making sure to enter the contractors email address.
3. Select the Induction Tick Box (make sure to build an induction in the User Admin Dashboard /Induction icon section, please also make sure to at least develop 1 quiz question for the induction. (See you build an induction)
4. Select submit

The contractor will now receive two emails:
1. An email with a link to the Contractor Induction that you have built in your induction section. When the contractor completes this induction the records are kept in the Contractor Induction found in the User Admin Dashboard section
2. They now will receive an email with a link to a four step Contractor Compliance Form. Here the contractor will
a. Enter the details and qualifications
b. Upload their Safe Work Methods and Policies
c. Identify that they have Safe Work Systems in place
d. Identify their site representative
e. Enter their Workers Compensation, Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and any Permits details including expiry dates into the system and upload the relevant document

Your systems contractor register will now turn Red, when the contractor has completed the forms the register will turn Orange.

Select the View icon next to the contractor to view their data and uploaded documents. When you are satisfied that they are compliant select the verified tick box and enter the verified date. The register will turn green, by now selecting the view icon and then the Print Contractor compliance card (top right hand corner) you now can make sure the contractor coming onto your site is compliant.

What if the contractor does not have an email address or cannot complete the online compliance form?

First contact the Contractor and ask for copies of:
1. Safe Work Method Statements
2. Qualifications
3. WHS Policy
4. Worker’s Compensation Insurance (Minimum Requirement)
5. Public Liability Insurance (Minimum Requirement)

Click here to watch a nine minute video covering general information and specific steps on how to use the Online WHS Contractor Management Module.


I developed Online WHS, to enable businesses a more efficient and easier path to compliance and to reduce it's burden. It truly is the complete WHS and OH&S solution.