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Introducing Online WHS

Like a Company Might Use MYOB to Manage Their Finances, Online WHS Manages a Companies WHS Compliance!

We don't know a business that uses a paper based or spreadsheet based system to manage their finances any more - and we believe that the WHS industry isn't far behind.

Online WHS has 6 modules covering "Policy and Planning", "Employee Management", "Risk Management", "Injury Management", "Record Management" and "Environmental Management". It is described by our users as the easiest, most comprehensive yet most cost effective system on the market. Find out why - Contact Us today for your no obligation online demonstration of Online WHS!
Online WHS - Download our PDF version:

Take a few moments to have a look through our brochure. You will quickly see that Online WHS has been developed to be the complete solution for managing WHS compliance. With accidents in the workplace costing the Australian economy some $60b in 2012, taking a look at this brochure may be your first step in reducing this figure and saving your own business time and money.
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What some of our clients say:

[Online WHS] has made keeping track of all my WHS issues very easy as it is all in the one place. It has also helped the work crew take more ownership of WHS responsibilities.

Paul Mason | Falls Creek Resort

I've looked at all the other systems, Phil, and yours is the best by far. I've just got to have it!

Christine Davis| Willoughby Council

If they only they know how good [Online WHS] is compared to other systems.

Sue Smith | NDS

Plant & Equipment in Online WHS

Managing plant and equipment is a vital component of WHS compliance. This video shows you how Online WHS handles P & E. more

The Checklist Builder in Online WHS

The Checklist Builder is a unique feature of Online WHS - watch this video to see how it works. more