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Like a Company Might Use MYOB to Manage Their Finances, Online WHS Manages a Companies WHS Compliance!

We don't know a business that uses a paper based or spreadsheet based system to manage their finances any more - and we believe that the WHS industry isn't far behind.

What we're doing is partnering with WHS Agents to help their clients better manage their WHS commitments and what we've found so far:

1. Having a point of difference (EG using an online system) increases your chances of acquiring a customer by up to 80%!

  • Agents are using our system as a tool for acquiring larger clients that previously they wouldn't have approached.
  • Agents are using our services/presentations/support to get their clients over the line.
  • Agents are solely selling our system to "get in" with a client before offering them consulting, whereas a direct consulting approach failed in the past.
  • We provide marketing material for agents to use in the acquisition of new clientele.

2. Offering Online WHS to clients actually increases the consultancy from clients!

  • as a result of setting up clients in the system, there is a process Agents go through to identify additional consulting.
  • when something needs attention, the client is alerted - which may require the services of the Agent. Alternatively the system can be set up to escalate tasks to the agent.
  • some agents charge out a monthly fee to manage tasks via the system remotely.
  • the agent performs a quick Audit of the System prior to renewal each year, which typically leads into further consulting.
  • we're developing an administration back end that will automatically escalate and identify issues to the Agent.

3. Clients using our system have a higher chance of retention!

  • Clients have said - a paper based system that sits on a shelf is perceived as a burden and a waste of time, whereas they get excited about our system. (They get even more excited when we tell them they can use our system to bring on-line their paper based WHS system.)
  • Existing Agents have told us:
    • Our system motivates Clients to get excited about WHS, which makes them easier and more pleasurable to deal with. (Whereas trying to get an unmotivated client to implement a WHS strategy is an uphill battle).
    • They are able to provide a better service to their customers using our system, and because they offer multiple services (software and consulting) it's harder for the client to move Agent
    • Due to our systems multiple checkpoints (and the fact you can log in remotely) their services are more front of mind, and therefore the clients are more likely to remain paying clients

What do Our Existing Agents Say?

John Finneran

Information Security and Compliance Manager

Sydney Area

I wanted to pass on my thanks to Phil and the team for the two days of training we undertook on 23 – 24 Oct, on the Online WHS System.

I have been associated with Online WHS (and it’s predecessor, Online OHS) since 2009. What the two days training showed me was just how far the System has evolved and developed, from what I considered to be an already superb System.

Online WHS’s practice of listening to client needs and developing the system to meet those needs, at virtually no costs to the client, is unheard of in this day and age.

I was originally attracted to Online OHS because it was a comprehensive, easy to use, use-anywhere, inexpensive solution. I introduced the System to many of my clients and most not only took up the System, but still use it today. The System suits organisations of virtually any size. It allows for personalisation and offers a wide array of features that organisations can use or not, as their needs dictate.

Of the many OHS/WHS Systems available on the market, in my opinion, Online WHS is far and away the best.

Best regards,

John Finneran - 
Regional Agent

Sharon Rimington

Senior Consultant at New Safe Working

Gosford Area

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a two day Online Compliance Systems (OCS) Seminar conducted at Bella Vista, NSW. The Seminar focussed on OCS’s Work Health and Safety (WHS) online system. To say I was impressed is an understatement!

I have been involved in business and vocational education and training (VET) for thirty years, in particular accounting, occupational/work health and safety (OHS/WHS) and VET compliance.

I have been employed with TAFE NSW in various capacities for over twenty years, most recently working with WHS training programs across a broad spectrum of clients and VET compliance. I am a WorkCover NSW Approved Training Provider (ATP) and have been involved with many mandatory OHS/WHS Committee/ Health and Safety Representative (HSR) programs in public and private organisations. In terms of WHS, I work closely with management to review their systems, identify gaps and develop strategies to address deficiencies and ensure continuous improvement.

Whilst working in a training capacity with a large client this year, I discovered they had implemented a new WHS system. The client gave me an overview of the product. Later that day, I researched the product further and quickly came to the conclusion that this was the one that I’ve been waiting for!

As a practitioner, it is clear to me that this product has evolved over many years. It captures the essence to a safe and healthy workplace. I have not found any other OHS/WHS system that is as comprehensive, relevant, user-friendly, or has features that all levels of an organisation will call their own.

I am a fan and an advocate and will promote this system to organisations. My goal is a professional, safe and healthy workplace and I believe that WHS Online captures and delivers on all fronts.

As the Principal Consultant for ‘New Safe Working’, WHS Online is the product that will drive this consultancy business forward.

WHS Online is my system of choice and one that I highly recommend.

Sharon Rimington
B Education (Adult Ed)

Denis Keating

HR Coach, Workplace Health and Safety Specialist

Brisbane Area

We have been working with Phil Bamford and Online Compliance as an Agency Partner for approximately 3 years.

We have sold Workplace Health & Safety systems ourselves, and have also serviced clients that have been referred to us by Phil and his team.

We find Phil to be very knowledgeable about Workplace Health & Safety and how to use the Online Compliance Systems to manage compliance and safety in the workplace. He is always willing to freely share this knowledge in order to assist clients and help us to build our business.

Phil has also flown up to Brisbane on several occasions to assist with the running of marketing seminars and presentations to potential clients.

Denis Keating
Everest Resources - HR and WHS for Local Businesses

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