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Online Compliance Systems (OCS) has more than 8 years experience in developing and delivering compliance management software always with the ambition of maintaining the importance of compliance and making the user’s life easy.

Our clients include NSW Racing, Pacific Smiles, Mazda as well as many others. We have strategic partnerships with ABL, Safety Culture Australia and Australian Windows Association.

The Online WHS System is aimed at deliver greater ease, efficiency and economy to the WHS obligations of businesses, enterprises and organisations. The System has very practical business roots.

In fact, the System has its roots in the first hand experience of meeting and balancing the demands of running and growing a business.

The founder and developer of Online WHS, Phil Bamford, found there was always the temptation to put compliance “in the back seat” – not because it was unimportant but it interrupts the business of doing business.

But leaving compliance to chance could be catastrophic … even if your safety systems are excellent.

An Ice-cream, A Trip And Online WHS This story shows you how a simple workplace incident could have catastrophic implications. It underlines the need to have good systems and to be able prove you have good systems. Click on the image to download.